What are Pro-Skool Services

In Pro-Skool we have created a very REAL and down to earth easy to use support tool that parents (Guardians) and children (Students) can use thought their smartphones, to increase their level of security as they go about their daily activities.

With the use of the Guardian App and Student App, parents will benefit from the various tools these Apps provide. From defining SAFE LOCATIONS and GEO-FENCING, to setting CUSTOM ROUTING and by receiving NOTIFICATIONS when things are actually happening, and by REAL-TIME Tracking, the Pro-Skool Guardian and Student Apps create awareness and provide peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Pro-Skool’s main vision is to bring to all families, parents, teachers and schools a tool to help to take care of and protect our most precious...


Our Vision

Our main mission is to advocate for every single child in this world by bringing a tool that is efficient, effective and realistic...


What Is Pro-Skool?

Is an APP and a tool for Parents and children safety support.

Is an APP and a tool for Principals and teachers for a more effective communication to optimize already established emergency protocols.

Important features

Parents & Kids

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Real-time tracking

Follow your kids activities in a Real-Time scenario that updates by the millisecond.

Custom Routing

A newly developed technology that adapts for the first time into real world travel scenarios.

Safe locations

You can monitor by Selecting Specific Addresses for arrival and departure of your kids.

Organizations & Schools

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Real time notifications

Get notified in the moment that things are happening

Gun notifications

In the Event of a Gun Related Emergency

Medical Emergencies

In the Event of a Medical Related Emergency

Pro-Skool Subscription plans

Pro-Skool App offers two easy to adapt starter plans for Parents and Students

Basic Plan

Advanced Plan

Top Ups to support and enhance parent app experience.

How many students are lost each year

One Missing Child Is One Too Many!

The lack of a common definition of “missing child,” and a common response to the issue, results in few reliable statistics on the scope of the problem around the world.

The given graph is only a snapshot of the problem. In many countries, statistics on missing children are not even available; and, unfortunately, even available statistics may be inaccurate due to: under-reporting/under-recognition; inflation; incorrect database entry of case information; and deletion of records once a case is closed.

Chances of recuperating a child after an abduction

75 percent of abduction murders occur within 3 hours after the child goes missing.

Every 40 seconds, a child becomes missing or abducted in the U.S. In comparison, every three seconds, a child is admitted to an emergency room.
Family child abduction is the most common form of abduction in the United States. Almost half of child abductions are kidnappings by a parent or other family relative. These abductions are generally not serious.

More than 25 percent of child abductions are by an acquaintance of the child, generally involving a high percentage of juveniles. This type of abduction carries the highest percentage of injuries.

Who are the Pro-Skool team members

Pro-Skool team is a group of parents that believe that children are the salvation of the world and will advocate for their safety and security.



CEO & Founder








It was about time in where we could count with an App that takes seriously the insecurity of now a days and would really focus and care our beloved ones.

Ernestina Guzmán


With all the Delinquency we live now a days, it was about time someone came with a real App!

Andres Morgan


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