About Us

How Pro-Skool was Born

Pro-Skool was created as a result of years of living with the aftermath of the kidnapping of the son of one of our members.

There are no words that can actually describe the fear, severe trauma, pain, hurt, and damage that you have to live with for the rest of your life after such a horrific experience.

I thought to myself that this could have been avoided if I would have been made aware of what was happening. If someone would have told me the danger and situation my son was going through. And by the time I was made aware of the situation my son, me, and my entire family were in, too many hours had past already, we had no idea where to begin searching, or how!

In my mind I went over all the things that I could have done differently a million times, about all the signs of danger nobody was aware of, including my son and myself. Of how different things would have been if I would have had a notification of what was happening and where.

I questioned myself what would have happened if I would have been notified in the right time of those signs that nobody saw and noticed and that ended up changing our lives forever.

Pro-Skool is the result of 2 years of hard work committed to find a tool to help me and others to see and be notified of those signs I couldn’t see and was not made aware. In these 2 years I looked for the right resources and people in order to bring to life a project that could bring others the opportunity I didn’t have, and maybe prevent other parents to go through such a bitter, live changing experience I went through.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to advocate for every single child in this world by bringing a tool that is efficient, effective and realistic. A tool that actually works when it’s really needed. A tool that brings a real opportunity in situations in where taking action in the right time is key to a positive outcome.

Our Vision

Pro-Skool’s main vision is to bring to all families, parents, teachers and schools a tool to help to take care of and protect our most precious and vulnerable beings….. our children. We want to become people’s first choice when thinking of an app to support your kids care.

Who we are

We are a company that was initially created by a mom who was later joined by professionals and parents from many disciplines and who are truly committed to worldwide children safety. We work together towards an important goal. Our company is based in Holland and it’s made by people from all over the world. In Pro-Skool we believe in opportunity and diversity beyond anything. Our main focus will always be to give a tool to parents, care givers, teachers and organizations in order to bring opportunity where there was none. Just to bring an opportunity for our kids all over the world.

What Our Client Say

It was about time in where we could count with an App that takes seriously the insecurity of now a days and would really focus and care our beloved ones.

Ernestina Guzmán


With all the Delinquency we live now a days, it was about time someone came with a real App!

Andres Morgan