Organizations & Schools Services

At Pro-Skool we also have created some tools to support Schools, universities, education organisations, sports clubs , etc to help Principals and teachers, trainers, coaches and leaders to improve their communication (notifications) and reaction times in emergencies and difficult situations like :

    • Gun
    • Fire
    • Medical Emergency
    • Natural Disaster

These alerts allow principals and teachers and everybody else to be able to alert each other in the right moment when a situation has just started to develop, taking advantage of getting informed in the right time in order to take the right decisions, well informed, and not when it’s too late and with the wrong information.

Because we know that information in the right time is a fundamental key to save lives.

Check out our Service Manual.

Real time notifications

Get notified in the moment that things are happening.

Effective communication tool

Communicate emergency situations only in between Principal, Teachers and Staff Members.

Gun notifications

In the Event of a Gun Related Emergency.

Medical Emergencies Notification

In the Event of a Medical Related Emergency.

Fire Notification

In the Event of a Fire Related Emergency.

Natural disaster Notification

In the Event of a Natural Disaster Related Emergency.

Back End Administration Portal

A support tool to administer and control numerous organizations and schools through a tailor made back end Portal that enables you to create a database.