Our Services Organizations

Pro-Skool provides a comprehensive safety tool to schools, universities and other organizations. This safety tool, is provided by using the four Pro-Skool apps, the guardian app, the student app, the principal app and the teacher app.

With the use of these four apps, schools and organizations receive two main Pro-Skool services.

  1. Guardian and Student services
  2. Principal and Teacher services


Through the school or organizations Pro-Skool Business Account, Pro-Skool will provide the organization with the number of parent (Guardian) apps and the child (Student) apps they require. This will normally be directly related to the number of students enrolled within the school or organization.

By providing these apps to their students and their parents, the school or organization will provide an extra service to their clients as part of the school subscription fees. The parent (guardian) and child (student) apps will provide the easy and convenient safety tools described in the OUR SERVICES FOR PARENTS & KIDS section.


As well as providing the parent (Guardian) and child (Student) service described above, Pro-Skool will provide the school or organization the required number of Principal and Teacher Apps. This will normally be directly related to the number of principals and teachers and other staff members that make up the school or organization staff team.

The Principal and Teacher Apps will provide the school or organization staff members with and easy to use communication tool that will cut down to the bare minimum the response times to activate already established internal emergency protocols.

The Principal and Teacher Apps will help staff members to communicate and identify at the touch of their smartphone screens various types of emergencies as they unfold in real time such as GUN EMERGENCY, FIRE EMERGENCY, MEDICAL EMERGENCY AND NATURAL DISASTER EMERGENCY situations. Principals and Teachers will be able to notify other staff members without the need to reach an emergency leaver and exposing themselves or have to make time consuming and dangerous steps towards finding a way to communicate to others while compromising their security.

By subscribing to a Pro-Skool Business Subscription Plan, schools and organizations will be provided access to their own user friendly Administration Back End portals for as many schools or organizations they require so that they can administer their schools or organizations, users and subscription plans easily and conveniently.

All the Pro-Skool Apps work in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) European Law, which means that data protection and privacy of our clients has been one of our main priorities.