Parents & Kids services


In Pro-Skool we have created a very REAL and down to earth easy to use support tool that parents (Guardians) and children (Students) can use thought their smartphones, to increase their level of security as they go about their daily activities.

With the use of the Guardian App and Student App, parents will benefit from the various tools these Apps provide. From defining SAFE LOCATIONS and GEO-FENCING, to setting CUSTOM ROUTING and by receiving NOTIFICATIONS when things are actually happening, and by REAL-TIME Tracking, the Pro-Skool Guardian and Student Apps create awareness and provide peace of mind.

All the Pro-Skool Apps work in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) European Law, which means that data protection and privacy of our clients has been one of our main priorities.

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Safe locations

Select Specific Addresses for arrival and departure of your kids.

Custom Geo-Fencing

Set an imaginary custom fence made for a safety boundary around your safe location.

Custom Routing

A newly developed technology that adapts for the first time into real world travel scenarios.

Real-time tracking

Follow your kids activities in a Real-Time scenario that updates by the millisecond.


Receive Notifications when your child enters and leaves safe locations, Receive Notifications when your child leaves a custom routing safe route, Receive Notifications when your child has stopped for too long in the same spot on route to a safe location.

SOS Button

Notify someone in the moment things are happening when you need immediate assistance.

Multiple Kids

Monitor numerous children at the same time in the same App.

Multiple Schools

Monitor numerous children from different schools at the same time.

Historical tracking

Access to Historical Data of your child's movements along the custom routing and between safe locations.

Top Ups

To support and enhance parent app experience.